Email preferences and notifications

You have the option to customize when and if you receive certain Account Alerts from us. These notifications may include:

  • A bill is scheduled to be paid: nothing else needs to be done
  • The inbox for < your company name > receives something new: an eBill, an ePayment, or a file that's been uploaded, emailed, or faxed
  • You've been invited to connect, your invitations are accepted, and upon receiving other network updates
  • Your customer creates a bill on your behalf
  • A note from your customer or vendor is shared with you
  • To do list summary

We may send other General and Security Alerts regarding changes to your company information and urgent matters affecting your account, as well as Automatic Alerts, including payment confirmations and insufficient funds notices. General, Security, and Automatic Alerts can't be turned off.

Managing email preferences for yourself

  1. Select the gear icon
  2. Select Email preferences under You
  3. Select the edit icon
  4. Update your email notifications preferences
    • Instant notifications are sent as soon as the action has taken place; uncheck the box for notifications you don't want to receive instantly
    • Select the frequency for your To Do list emails
      • If you would like your to do list summary sent on specific days of each month, select Monthly on: and enter the days as a number, separated by commas (For example 1, 5, 10, 15)
        • If you enter 30 or 31, we will send notifications on the last day of any month with fewer days (For example: If you choose the 30, the February notification will be sent on February 28)
  5. Select Save

Note: You can choose both instant and periodic summary notifications.