Void bill payments and what to expect

The following article provides information about what to expect when voiding payments.

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Reasons you may need to void a payment

A check payment may need to be voided due to the following reasons:

  • Check payment was returned due to an invalid mailing address
  • Check was mailed to the wrong address and hasn’t been returned
  • Check payment was lost or misrouted by the US Postal Service
  • Vendor has received the check, but has not yet deposited it
  • Vendor has returned the check to you
    • If a check to a vendor will not be deposited, you may request to void the payment in Key CashFlow. When a check is voided, we issue a stop payment. There's no need to return the check to us. Simply destroy the check after it's been voided in the system.

Options for dealing with a missing check

If the vendor has not yet received their check, there are two options:

  • Continue to wait for the vendor to present the check for payment
    • This is recommended if check delivery date is several days prior
  • Void the check. We'll credit the funds back to your account and you can then issue a new payment.

Check payment voids

  • We may not be able to process Void requests immediately - we must check to ensure the item hasn't been presented for payment. You may see “Void Pending” on the Payment page during this time. Once we receive confirmation, we start the crediting process.
  • Once we've started the Void process, the payment will show as voided in your Key CashFlow account.
  • A credit may take 2-5 business days from the date of the void request, depending on when the funds were debited from your account
  • If a Network bill was associated, it'll return to your Inbox on the Pay Bills page as Unpaid. If the bill doesn't need to be paid, you should either delete the bill, or mark it as already paid so it isn't accidentally paid again in error.

Void check service fees

A check payment that is lost in the mail, has not been received by the vendor, and has not been returned to sender (Key CashFlow).

  • If you choose to void the lost check before the 90 day auto-void, there will be a $25.00 service fee to issue a stop payment
  • Checks that are not cashed within 90 days will auto-void, and there are no fees on auto-voided checks

Fees do not apply to:

  • ACH payment cancelations or voids
  • Check void requests that are not processed
  • Void & credit: USPS-returned checks that will be voided and funds credited back to the account
  • Expired checks (checks that auto-void after 90 days from the date of issue)

Things to know

  • Once you select Void and complete the void request, it can't be undone
  • ePayments have a Void Deadline of 1 pm Pacific Time on the bank business day immediately preceding the Delivery Date
  • We stop payment on voided checks so we recommend that you provide the voided check number to the vendor and instruct them not to cash the voided check, just in case it reaches them
  • When a check has been returned, you will receive an email notification informing you
  • Checks are printed with the words Void after 90 days. On the 91st day after the date of issue, the check expires if it hasn't been deposited or cashed. Key CashFlow will void the payment, return the funds to your account, and if there was a Network bill associated it'll return to your Inbox on the Pay Bills page as Unpaid.