Export records and transactions using .CSV files

Exporting records and transactions are a quick way to pull master lists of records and transactions into a .CSV file which you can then filter as needed.

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What you can export

Records you can export:

  • Vendors
  • Customers

Transactions you can export:

  • Bills
  • Payments
  • Invoices
  • Payments Received

Exporting records and transactions

  1. Select Settings
  2. Select Import / Export under Import / Export
  3. Select Export for the record or transaction you want to export
  4. Select one of the following export profile options - a customizable template that specifies the fields you want to appear in the CSV export file:
    • Your Export Profile if you've exported that item before and created a profile
    • Or select Modify to edit the default profile
      1. Check boxes for the Headers you'd like to include in the export file, or uncheck for those you'd like to exclude
      2. Edit the Export file header name to what you'd like to see in the export file
        • This doesn't change the data we pull under that header, it just changes the header name/label on your export file
      3. Select the arrows to change the order of the headers which changes the order of the columns in the export file
      4. Enter a Profile name - we'll save this profile for you so you don't have to modify each time you export this item
      5. Check the box if you'd like this profile to be your default profile when exporting data
      6. Select Continue
  5. Select one of the following export options:
    • Export All - to immediately begin exporting without filters
    • Export with filters to include only the data you need
      1. Select your filters and values
      2. Select + Add additional filter to add more filters
      3. Select Export with filters
  6. The export will show in progress until it is complete, and the file name appears. Select the file name to open the export file.

Export history

You can access your export history and download the reports again at any time.

  1. Select the gear icon
  2. Select Export history under Import / Export
  3. Select the File Name of the past export you want to open
    • Entity shows the record or transaction type of the export
    • Scheduled time shows the time and date of the original export
    • Status shows whether the export was successful or failed. You cannot open a failed export.
    • User shows the user who originally pulled the export