Set up and use your Inbox

The Inbox is an inbound-only file sharing tool that allows you to receive all your bills and supporting documents in one place with unlimited storage to save time and increase efficiency. A unique Inbox email address will be generated which can be provided to vendors and customers so they can email bills and invoices directly into your account.

You can also upload bills sent to you outside of Key CashFlow℠ or upload documents to attach to invoices you send to customers.

Once your vendor has sent a bill to your inbox email, you can schedule a payment for it right from your Inbox tray and the bill will be attached to the payment.

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Set up or edit the Inbox email address

By default, the Inbox email address will be For example: Acme and Company will be assigned the Inbox email address Customize the Inbox email address by taking the following steps:

  1. Select the gear icon in the top right corner
  2. Select Inbox under Your Company
  3. Enter the new Inbox email address, using a minimum of eight (8) characters in front of the domain
  4. Select Save Email

Note: If changing your inbox email address, documents sent to your old inbox address will not forward to the new email address.

Upload bills to pay

You can upload bills into Key CashFlow three (3) different ways:

  • Email: Email the document to your Key CashFlow Inbox email address
    • Bills and documents will show up as cards across the top of the Pay bills tab for you to select and pay
  • Drag and drop: Locate the document on your computer and drag the document into the Drag and drop box on your Pay bills tab
  • Upload from your computer: Select Upload bill on your Pay bills tab, locate and select the document, select Open

If using the drag and drop or upload from your computer options, as soon as the bill is uploaded, we'll take you to schedule a payment for that bill. If you choose not to schedule a payment at that time, you will need to drag them in or upload them again.

Supported file formats

The file types that will show a preview when associated with a payment are:

  • Adobe PDF (version 5.0 or later)
    • If the pdf is password protected, a preview will not be available. We suggest not using password protected files as a best practice.
  • Microsoft Word (version 97 & 2003 or later)
  • PowerPoint (version 97; 2003 or later)
  • Excel (version 97; 2003 or later)
  • .txt
  • .png
  • .jpg
  • .gif

There are times when a PDF does not display an image. We work with a 3rd-party vendor to process this image conversion and will continue to improve the process so that the impact of this issue is limited.

  • Files needs to be less than 25MB in size
  • For files with more than 250 pages, preview will only be available on the first 250 pages
  • Documents/attachments can be stripped of data when they are auto forwarded to the inbox. It is recommended to email the document directly to the inbox.