Get paid via the Customer Portal

The Customer Portal is where your customers can view and pay bills from you. This article shows you what happens when your customer receives your invoice, and follows the link to the branded web address.

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Customer portal features

Your Logo - Upload your logo into Key CashFlow℠. We'll display it in your Customer Portal, so your customer sees consistent branding, and can feel secure making payments to you.

Custom URL - Customize a URL for your portal that contains your company name

Flexible Payment Methods and AutoPay - Allow your customers to pay you via ACH and enable AutoPay.

How your customer pays an invoice

When a customer receives an invoice from you, they have the option to pay the invoice electronically.

  1. Your customer will select Pay Invoice Electronically
    Invoice Email
  2. Your customer will create a password
  3. Your customer will select an account type
    • Personal
    • Business
  4. They will then select Sign Up
    Create password
  5. Your customer will select Pay Outstanding Bills on the homepage of their portal account
    Portal home page
  6. They select Add Bank Account to add their bank account information
    • Checking the Private box will hide the bank account information from other colleagues that are given access to use the same portal to make payments
  7. They will accept Terms of Service and select Save
    Pay from
    Enter banking info
  8. They select the Pay On date - the date the funds will be withdrawn from their bank account
  9. They can adjust the Total Payment amount
  10. Your customer then selects Pay

Your customer will receive an email notification confirming they scheduled a payment.

Set up Auto Pay

Your customer can also set up Auto Pay, to automatically pay invoices you send them without needing to log in to schedule payment each time.

To setup Auto Pay, your customer would take the following steps in the portal:

  1. Hover over the gear icon in their portal account and select Auto Pay is off
  2. Select the Edit icon
  3. Select the checkbox next to Automatically Pay Bills
  4. Enter the Maximum Payment Amount they'd like to be withdrawn against individual invoices
  5. Select the Bank Account to pay from, if they have more than one
  6. Enter the amount of business days before or after the due date of invoices
  7. Select Save
    Auto Pay setup in AR portal

Things to know

  • To log in, in the future, the customer will access their portal account via your branded web address or new invoices you email them
  • Your customer will see all invoices you create for them in your account, even if you don't actually email them, as they are connected to your account.