Key CashFlow Quick Start Guide

Key CashFlow brings efficient and secure Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR) automation within one platform to manage the end-to-end AP and AR process.

In this guide, we’ll take you through how to set up your account and start using Key CashFlow.

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Add your first vendor

Manage and pay all your vendors, contractors, or anyone electronically. Get started by adding a vendor. We'll check our Network to see if they already have an account. You can also add their account details manually or send them check payments.

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Upgrade to our Advanced version to send connection invitations to vendors that aren’t in the Network, so they can manage their account details for you.

Schedule your first payment

Pay vendors, contractors, or anyone electronically. To schedule a payment, all you have to enter is an amount.

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Set up recurring payments for a vendor

Save time by automating your recurring monthly bills. If you have a vendor that you pay frequently, set up AutoPay to guarantee you won’t miss a payment. Each time a bill comes into your Inbox from that vendor, AutoPay will detect it, and send the payment for you.

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Upgrade to our Advanced version if you’d like to manage bills and have an approval workflow.

Add your first customer

Centralize your customer list within Key CashFlow. Add a customer by giving us a few simple details about them. You’ll be able to track invoices and payments for that customer from their customer record.

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Create and send your first invoice

Automate your invoicing process for end-to-end visibility. Create custom invoices and send by email within Key CashFlow to get paid faster. You’ll be able to track the invoice status and know when your customer pays you. When they choose to pay you electronically, we’ll guide them through setting up an account. They’ll be able to pay you and track invoices you send them in their account.

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Customize your account

Set up your Inbox email

The Inbox allows you to receive all your bills and supporting documents in one place with unlimited storage to save time and increase efficiency. You’ll use your Inbox to receive bills from your Vendors directly, or upload them yourself if you collect them through the mail. You can then quickly initiate payment on these bills within Key CashFlow.

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Upload your business logo

Create custom invoices and emails that display your business logo. We'll also display your business logo on the website where your customers pay you.

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Branded website address

Create a custom-branded website address that will direct your customers to a Customer Portal when they select Pay Invoice Electronically on the invoice you send them.

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One-time import of vendors and customers from Quickbooks Online or Xero

If you use Quickbooks Online or Xero, you can complete a one-time import of your vendor and customer contact information from your accounting software into Key CashFlow so they can be used to pay or/and invoice quickly.

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Do more with Key CashFlow

Our Advanced version offers additional features that might interest you:

  • Collaborate easily, more securely, and quickly by adding your team
  • Manage bills and add tracking classifications
  • Assign user-specific roles and permissions and route bills for approval with full control and visibility over the end-to-end process
  • Integrate Key CashFlow with your accounting software directly (QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, or Xero) to avoid double data entry

To upgrade, simply select Upgrade on the Pay bills page.