Oracle Netsuite: Vendors, COA's, Departments and/or Locations not syncing from Netstuite

If you've imported Vendors, COA's, Departments and/or Locations into Netsuite using a CSV file, you may notice that those list elements aren't syncing into Key CashFlow, while list elements that you created manually in Netsuite, do sync into Key CashFlow.

To resolve this issue:

In Netsuite, enable the option to run the SuiteScript so that csv imported vendors will sync:

  1. Setup > Import/Export > CSV Import Preferences
  2. Select the Run Server SuiteScript and Trigger Workflows option.
  3. Select Save.

Going forward, new CSV imports will sync to Key CashFlow.

To get the vendors that have already been imported via CSV to sync into Key CashFlow:

  1. In Netsuite, go to Setup > Customization > Record Types.
  2. Select the List link on the BillCom SubMap record.
  3. Select Edit for the the record corresponding to the Key CashFlow Organization ID which is being synced.
  4. Uncheck the corresponding list element boxes: For example, If the records imported are COA's Uncheck "InitiaCOA Data Migrated" or if the records imported are Vendors Uncheck "InitiaVendor Data Migrated"
  5. Ensure that all other "Data Migrated" fields corresponding to other types are checked.
    • For Non-one world accounts the additional step is to uncheck "Billcom Is DefaultMap".
  6. Sync the subsidiary and wait till the sync is completed.
    • For Non-one world accounts the "Billcom is DefaultMap" has to be checked again.