Sage Intacct sync: Vendor Invoice Templates for Purchase Order sync

Creating the vendor invoice template as part of the Key CashFlow Purchase Order sync configuration.

Create a vendor invoice template

  1. Purchasing and Order Entry modules must be enabled and checked for the Web Services User.

  2. Enable Advanced Workflow should be enabled Purchasing > Setup > Configuration > Enable functionality > Advanced settings

  3. To create vendor invoice template in Intacct go to Purchasing > Setup > Transaction Definition

  4. Select Add

  5. In the General Tab:

    • Under Properties, enter a template name

    • Under Transaction numbering, set “Numbering Sequence” to Vendor Invoice so document numbers will populate.

    • Under Accounting, "Accounts Payable" needs to be selected for Transaction Posting.

  6. On the Posting Configuration tab:

    • A debit and credit GL account must be entered for Transaction posting AP account mapping

  7. On the Security Tab:

    • Select "All" for Edit policy and Delete policy.

Things to know

  • Custom Package will need to be updated for deletions to sync
  • Confirm that if the org has a mix of inventory and services that they use different PO templates names for each workflow
  • The Posting Configuration and Security Configuration tabs aren't available when editing the Transaction Definitions if "Enable Advanced Workflow" isn't enabled in Intacct.