Sage Intacct sync error: Payment could not be synced because related invoice(s) didn't sync

Why the sync error occurs

This error occurs when a payment is trying to sync to Sage Intacct from Key CashFlow℠, but the invoice associated with the payment cannot be found in Sage Intacct.

This can happen if the invoice was deleted in Sage Intacct or a list object (customer, items, departments, etc.) from the invoice isn't connected with Sage Intacct.

How to fix the sync error

If the invoice is in Sage Intacct, please make sure the customer, items, departments, etc. on the invoice are active in Key CashFlow.

If the invoice is missing in Sage Intacct, or if reactivating a list item doesn't work, contact Customer Support by selecting Contact Us at the top of this page.

A Sync Agent will either re-sync the invoice or troubleshoot the issue to see which object isn't connected in Sage Intacct. Once the issue is resolved, the payment will sync correctly.