Oracle NetSuite: Add negative line items to paid bills

In Key CashFlow, you cannot edit a fully paid bill to an amount lower than the total of the payments. In Oracle NetSuite, however, you can add negative line items to reduce the amount of fully paid bills.

Since this can be a necessary workflow in Oracle NetSuite, we do allow the negative line item to sync to the bill in Key CashFlow, even if the bill is paid in full.

How the negative line item affects Key CashFlow

When the negative line item syncs, the bill will reflect as overpaid, and the vendor balance will reflect the overpayment. Since the overpayment isn't a true vendor credit, though, you cannot apply this overpayment to a bill in Key CashFlow. This amount will show as an overpayment on the vendor's balance indefinitely.

Suggested alternative to negative line items

Instead of adding a negative line item on the bill in Oracle NetSuite, we suggest creating a vendor credit instead, since you can apply that to another bill in Key CashFlow, and will reflect a correct vendor balance.