Oracle NetSuite sync error: UNEXPECTED_ERROR: Failed to map and import Bill: XXXXXXX

Why the Sync Error occurs

This error occurs when a bill created in Key CashFlow℠ syncs successfully to Oracle NetSuite, then is later linked to a PO in Key CashFlow.

When the next sync tries to update the PO link in Oracle NetSuite, this error occurs because the bill has to be linked to the PO and then synced to Oracle NetSuite. It cannot sync to Oracle NetSuite, and then later be linked to a PO.

How to Fix the Sync Error

  1. Delete the bill with the error that's currently linked to the PO
  2. Sync, so the bill is also deleted in Oracle NetSuite
  3. Create a new bill in Key CashFlow and link to the PO in Key CashFlow, and don't sync in between creating and linking
  4. Sync after the bill is created and linked to the PO in Key CashFlow