Sage Intacct sync: Template names for Purchase Order sync

Sync Purchase Orders into Key CashFlow and link them to bills. To facilitate this, we need the template names for your Purchase Order & Vendor Invoice Templates. Note: These sync preference fields are case-sensitive.

How to find Template Names

In Sage Intacct, within the entity you'd like to sync purchase orders for:

  1. Select the Applications drop down > Purchasing > Setup tab > Transaction definitions
    Transaction definitions link in Intacct
  2. Copy the name under Template name on the Purchase Order row, to paste into PO Template Name on Intacct sync preference field in Key CashFlow
    Transaction Definitions page in Intacct - PO
  3. Copy the name under Template name to paste into PO Vendor Invoice Template Name On Intacct sync preference field in Key CashFlow
    Transaction Definitions page in Intacct - VI

Things to Know:

If you have multiple accounts connected to the top level of Intacct and would like to use POs, you'll need to create a unique transaction definition and workflow in Intacct for each of the accounts and enter that as the transaction definition in the sync preferences.

If these steps aren't completed:

• PO's created at the top level will sync into ALL of the top connected accounts, creating the transaction in each and running the risk of multiple bills being created from a single PO. • If there are multiple bills created from the PO (1 from each account) only the first bill will sync to Intacct; the other bills will create a sync conflict. • Even though the PO's create in all accounts, there will be a cosmetic sync error “PO cannot be created - Either the object id is required or the integration id with the entity type are required, but not both"

Please note, with top-level configurations, POs created within the entity won't sync to BDC.