Oracle NetSuite: Purchase Order sync: Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Using Purchase Orders within Oracle NetSuite? Try out our Purchase Order sync feature!

You'll still continue to create and manage Purchase Orders (PO) in Oracle NetSuite, but now you can sync them through to Key CashFlow and link or match them to bills. We'll automatically pre-fill certain items from the PO using artificial intelligence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a charge?

  • There is no charge for the PO feature.

Is there anything else I need to setup in Oracle Netsuite?

  • Bundle 3.3.6o or newer is required to sync PO's with Oracle NetSuite successfully. To check which version you're on or to update the bundle, follow the instructions here.

How many POs will be synced over?

  • By default, we sync in open POs you created in the last three months from your accounting software to Key CashFlow. If you want to sync even earlier POs to Key CashFlow, make an update to the PO in question (Edit & Save) and sync again. If you have a large list of older PO's, please contact our customer success team and we will assist you.

Which POs are synced in from Oracle NetSuite?

  • With Oracle NetSuite, we sync in POs that are "pending receipt", “partially received”, or "pending bill/partially received", "pending bill", and "fully billed".
  • If Oracle NetSuite is setup to receive items on a PO, the status will not be updated to "filled" in Key CashFlow until items are received in Oracle NetSuite, even if a bill is attached to the PO in Key CashFlow
    • The PO will have a "receive" button in Oracle NetSuite if it is setup for item receipt
    • If a bill is created in Key CashFlow and linked to a PO that has not yet been marked as received in Oracle NetSuite, "Bill in Advance of Receipt" needs to be enabled Oracle NetSuite, or the bill will cause a sync error and will not sync to Oracle NetSuite (see article at the bottom of this page)

Are International currency POs supported?

  • This feature is for POs in USD only.

Will GL account updates on bills linked to POs in Key CashFlow sync back to Oracle NetSuite?

  • No, GL accounts added to the Expenses tab on a bill linked to a PO will not sync back to Netsuite.

Will the item receipt created from a PO sync into Key CashFlow?

  • The item receipt created from a PO will not sync to Key CashFlow.
    • Creating an item receipt will update the status of the PO in Oracle NetSuite, the PO status update will sync and update the status of the PO in Key CashFlow
  • Yes, you can link multiple bills to one PO
  • We do not support linking a bill to multiple PO's within Key CashFlow. If creating a bill linked to multiple PO's within NetSuite, the bill will sync to Key CashFlow but the PO linkage will not be reflected.
  • After a bill has an associated PO and has synced between Oracle NetSuite and Key CashFlow, you will be unable to unlink them. This is because the accounting system should be the system of record. If you need to unlink a PO from a bill, the bill will need to be deleted and a new bill created to link to the correct PO.

Is Smart Data available for bills linked to POs?

  • Smart Data is not available on bills linked to POs, to prevent items from previous POs from auto populating in bills
  • Smart Data is available for bills that are not linked to POs

Does Key CashFlow support creating, deleting, editing or approving POs?

  • Not currently. We are exploring additional ways to serve the needs of our customers.

Do you plan on making this feature available for other accounting softwares?

  • We are always assessing our accounting software integrations for enhancements.

Can I disable the Purchase Order feature?

If you currently have POs enabled no longer want to use them, you can disable them in settings, if you are an admin user.