QuickBooks Desktop sync error: Convenience Fees: The "billable status" field has an invalid value "NotBillable". QuickBooks error message: Target is not reimbursable.

Why the sync error occurs

This error is caused by an error in the GL account type for the Convenience Fee. The Convenience Fee will decrease the merchant fees expense account, so the account type needs to be an Expense type. While the account type is Expense, it can be named something like "Merchant Fees," where they also post the actual credit fees to pay Vantage/Paytrace.

How to fix the sync error

The error is fixed by editing or changing the GL account specified on the Convenience Fee:

  1. Select Settings
  2. Select Online Payments under Receivables
  3. Select Manage next to Credit Card
  4. Sign in to the associated Vantage/Paytrace account
  5. Select Edit next to Convenience Fee
  6. Choose an expense Account to track merchant fees
  7. Select Save