Manage documents

You can attach documents to transactions or list items, such as an account, company, customer, invoice, bill, payment received, or vendor.

There are two ways to associate a document - from your Inbox, or from the transaction or list item to which you want to attach the document.

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Associate a document from the Inbox

Once you have documents in the Inbox, from the Inbox tab, you can choose to:

  • Select Enter bill to create a new bill
  • Under More actions:
    • Add to existing
      • Bill
      • Vendor credit
      • Vendor document
      • Company document
    • Enter vendor credit
    • New document for
      • Company
      • Account
      • Customer
      • Invoice
      • Payment received
      • Vendor
    • Payment received
    • Mark as spam

Associate a document from an object or transaction

  1. Select the object you wish to attach the document to:
    • Chart of Account
      1. Select Settings
      2. Select Chart of Accounts under Accounting
      3. Select the account
      4. Hover over Details and select Documents
      5. Select Attach a Document
    • Company
      1. Select Settings
      2. Select Profile under Your Company
      3. Hover over Details and select Documents
      4. Select Attach a Document
    • Customer
      1. Select Customers
      2. Select the customer name
      3. Select More actions
      4. Select Documents
      5. Select Attach a Document
    • Invoice
      1. Select Invoices
      2. Select the invoice number
      3. Select the More Actions
      4. Select View Documents
      5. Select Attach a Document
    • Payment Received
      1. Select Payments in
      2. Select the Reference # of the payment
      3. Hover over Details and select Documents
      4. Select Attach a Document
    • Vendor
      1. Select Vendors
      2. Select the vendor name
      3. Select Documents
      4. Select Add Document
    • Existing bill without an attachment - to associate additional documents to a bill that already has a document associated, associate them from the Inbox
      1. Open the bill
      2. Select Edit
      3. Browse or Drag & Drop the document into the document window
      4. Select Save

Access previously associated documents

To access previously associated documents:

  1. Select Documents in the navigation menu
  2. Select the Documents tab to search for previously processed documents
  3. Select the Folders tab to access documents you've filed in folders

Things to know

  • A document can only be associated with one Account, Company, Customer, Invoice, Payment Received or Vendor
  • If a document needs to be associated in multiple places, it'll need to be uploaded separately to each location