QuickBooks Online sync error: The customer on one of invoices paid in this transaction does not match the customer on that invoice in QuickBooks Online. This could happen because of an incorrect customer merge in QuickBooks Online

Why the sync error occurs

This error occurs when a customer is different between the payment and the invoice in QuickBooks Online. This difference may be due to:

  • The invoice was moved to a different customer in QuickBooks Online
  • The customer was merged in QuickBooks Online, but not in Key CashFlow℠
  • The customer was made inactive in Key CashFlow

How to fix the sync error

There are three options to resolve this issue:

  • If the original customer is active in QuickBooks Online, update the invoice to the original customer
  • Select to not sync the payment and manually mark the invoice as paid in QuickBooks Online
  • If there was a merge and the payment should be synced, contact Customer Service to merge the customers in Key CashFlow