Syncing edits made on bills to Sage Intacct

Unpaid bills edited since the last sync will attempt to sync to Sage Intacct. Edits that sync include, but aren't limited to:

Edits that sync

  • Vendor Name
  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice, Due, or GL Posting Date
  • Bill amount
  • Classifications (Accounts/Departments/Locations/Dimension)

Bill edits that won't sync

Bill edits in the following cases won't sync:

  • Bill is already paid in Sage Intacct
  • Bill is already partially paid in Sage Intacct
  • The books are closed for the period

For these edits made in Key CashFlow℠ will need to be done manually in Sage Intacct.

Edits to Unpaid Bill that sync to Key CashFlow

  • Edits made to bills (unpaid only) in Sage Intacct will also sync to Key CashFlow