Xero: Vendor Preference setting to not sync transactions from Xero

For accounts syncing with Xero, there's am optional vendor preference to set Bills and Vendor Credits not to sync from Xero into Key CashFlow℠. For vendors that are normally not paid via Key CashFlow, this setting prevents double entry of marking bills as paid offline going forward.

Set a vendor bill sync preference

  1. Select Vendors in the navigation menu
  2. Select the vendor name
  3. Select More actions
  4. Select Edit Vendor
  5. Scroll down to the Bill sync preferences field in the Additional Information section, select Do Not Sync Bills. Select Sync Bills to resume bill sync for this vendor.
  6. Select Save

add new vendor - bill sync pref

Things to know

  • When you disable bill sync for a vendor, bills that have already synced in from Xero will remain in Key CashFlow
    • Any updates you make to these bills in Xero won't update in Key CashFlow
  • When you enable or resume bill sync for a vendor, you'll need to make an update to bills that synced over before you turned sync off, in Xero, to reconnect the bill to Key CashFlow