Existing Bill.com customer interested in Key CashFlow

Existing BILL customers interested in using Key CashFlow will need to sign up for a separate Key CashFlow account.

Can I have both a BILL account and a Key CashFlow account?

Yes, as long as both accounts won't be set up to sync with the same accounting system file.

Can I add Key CashFlow to my existing BILL account?

Key CashFlow is a separate service and therefore can't be added to a regular BILL account. A new Key CashFlow account will need to be created.

If I keep both versions can I sync both accounts to my accounting software?

No, if sync is set up with both the Key CashFlow and BILL account, data corruption and duplication will occur in both accounts including the accounting system file.

Can my Key CashFlow account be linked to my accountant's BILL Console account?

No, a Key CashFlow account can't be linked to a BILL Accountant Console account.

If choosing to cancel the existing BILL account to enroll into a new Key CashFlow account, will I have to set up my ePayment vendors/customers again?

Yes, any connections via the BILL Network will need to be established again manually in the Key CashFlow account. Any manually entered bank account and/or credit card information will need to be manually entered again into the Key CashFlow account.

Will I be able to retain the historical data of my BILL account if I choose to cancel it?

A backup copy of the data in the BILL account is available by request. The request can be submitted by an Administrator on the BILL account. A DVD of data contains bill documents, canceled checks, and the vendor and company documents that have been processed in BILL.

For instructions on how to cancel your BILL account, search for Cancelling a BILL account in the BILL help center.