Oracle NetSuite Sync Error: INVALID_INITIALIZE_REF: You can not initialize vendorbill: invalid reference [XXXX bill id]

Why the Sync Error occurs

This error occurs when a bill is attached to a PO in Key CashFlow, but the PO in Oracle NetSuite is still pending receipt of the items, and the Oracle NetSuite account doesn't have "Bill in advance of receipt" enabled.

This error can also occur if the PO is already showing "fully billed." If the PO is showing fully billed, any new bills created in Key CashFlow and syncing to Netsuite for that PO will get this error.

How to Fix the Sync Error

There are 3 potential solutions here; you can choose which best fits your workflow:

  1. Enable "Bill in advance of receipt" in Oracle NetSuite

    • In Oracle NetSuite, go to Setup > Accounting > Accounting Preferences > Order Management > under Receiving, check the box for "Bill in advance of receipt"
    • Save and sync

  2. Delete the bill or unlink it from the PO in Key CashFlow, and recreate or relink the bill once the items have been received in Oracle NetSuite

  3. Ignore the error until the PO items are marked as received in Oracle NetSuite; the error will then resolve and the bill will sync to Oracle NetSuite with the next sync after receipt