Create a Sync Token to sync with QuickBooks Desktop

When setting up the sync between Key CashFlow℠ and QuickBooks Desktop, the Sync Dashboard Profile Editor asks for login credentials. A Sync Token can be used as a substitute for the email and password to connect the two systems.

Note: If using a powered solution through a bank/financial institution, the sync token will be required to connect the sync.
BDC login creds

A Sync Token is a name and password pair separate from the email and password used to log in. The token is strictly for syncing—it can't be used to log into a Key CashFlow account.

Creating a sync token

  1. Select Settings
  2. Under Sync, select Tokens
    Sync token link
  3. Select New
    Sync token password
  4. Name will auto-populate (this is a one-time use object)
    Sync token username
  5. Select Save. The token will be generated (also a one-time use object).
    Sync token password
    • Write down or copy & paste this token before navigating away from this page, as it is only shared one time
  6. On the Sync Dashboard:
    • Email = Token Name
    • Password = Token

Note: Creating a new token will invalidate the previous active token.