Receivables: Mark an invoice as paid

If your customer sends you a payment outside of Key CashFlow, you can mark the invoice as paid. To record offline Receivables payments, you must have manage invoice permissions in Key CashFlow.

Mark invoice as paid with an offline payment

From the Invoice:

  1. Select Invoices in the navigation menu
  2. Select the invoice #
  3. Select More actions
  4. Select Mark as paid
  5. Enter payment details
  6. Select Mark as paid

From the Payments In tab:

Use this method if you want to mark the payment not to sync. This workflow is not available to subscritption-free Basic Receivables accounts.

  1. Select Payments In in the navigation menu

  2. Select Get Paid

  3. From the dropdown menu, select the customer to be charged

  4. Select Record Manual Payment

  5. Enter payment details

  6. Check Allow Export if you want the payment to sync to the accounting software.

    • If the payment is already in the accounting software, this should be unchecked
  7. Select the invoice(s) this payment should be applied to and enter the amount to be applied (to each invoice if more than one)

  8. Select Submit

If you're linked to your customer through the Key CashFlow network, we'll also mark this bill as paid in their account, and let them know you marked it as paid.

Cancel an offline payment

  1. Select Payments In in the navigation menu
  2. Select the Reference # for the payment you want to cancel
  3. Select Cancel Payment