Oracle NetSuite Sync Error: The posting period to which the SentPay belong is already closed in NetSuite

Why the Sync Error occurs

You'll see this sync error when a payment is trying to sync to Oracle NetSuite, but a vendor credit associated to the payment is dated within a period that's closed in Oracle NetSuite.

Fix the Sync Error

There are 3 ways to solve this error. Choose the one that works with your workflow and policies:

Allow the sync to apply credits in closed periods

To let the sync apply vendor credits in Oracle NetSuite even when the period is closed, you can enable non-GL changes to the accounting period in Oracle NetSuite:

  1. Select Setup
  2. Select Accounting
  3. Select Manage Accounting Periods
  4. Select the period in which the vendor credit is dated
  5. Confirm Allow Non-G/L Changes is checked
  6. Sync

You can reverse this setting at any time by following the same steps above, but unchecking Allow Non-G/L Changes, to control when you want the sync to have this capability.

Change the date of the vendor credit

You can change the date of the vendor credit to a date that's in an open period in Key CashFlow℠ if the vendor credit has not yet synced to Oracle NetSuite.

  1. Select Bills in the navigation menu
  2. Select Vendor Credits
  3. Select the Ref # of the credit
  4. Select edit
  5. Edit the credit date to a date within an open period
  6. Sync

Manually enter the payment in Oracle NetSuite

If you don’t want the sync to apply vendor credits in Oracle NetSuite, please contact Customer Support to mark the payment not to sync, and you can manually enter the payment in Oracle NetSuite.