Oracle NetSuite Sync Error: DEPENDENCY_NOT_SYNCED: {"entity":"xxxx","id":"xxxx"}

Why the Sync Error occurs

This error occurs when something listed on a transaction (vendor, account, etc.) isn't correctly connected between Key CashFlow℠ and Oracle NetSuite.

How to Fix the Sync Error

This error has a few possible solutions, depending on the object causing the error.

  1. From the Sync Status page, locate the error
    • The error description will let you know what kind of object is causing the error: vendor, bill, department, etc.
  2. The ID listed in the error is either the Key CashFlow Object ID, or the Oracle NetSuite Internal ID.
    • For Key CashFlow Object ID (a long string of letters and numbers)
      1. Copy the listed ID
      2. Paste the ID into the search field in Key CashFlow and hit enter
      3. The object will be displayed
    • For Oracle NetSuite Internal ID (a short string of numbers)
      1. Copy the listed ID
      2. In Oracle NetSuite, pull up a similar object to the one that isn't syncing
        • Ex: If a vendor is the object causing the sync error, open up any other vendor in Oracle NetSuite
      3. Paste the Oracle NetSuite Internal ID you copied in step 1, into the URL of the object you just opened, after id=
        • Ex:, replace 1305 with the ID that was copied
      4. Select Enter, this will open the object that's causing the sync error

If the object appears in both Oracle NetSuite and Key CashFlow, contact Customer Support for assistance clearing the error.