Send an invoice through the network

Connect through the network to send and receive invoices and bills, and get paid faster via ePayment instead of paper checks. Your sent invoice becomes your customer's eBill, along with all of the data, including attachments, and complete with status updates along the way.

How it works

First, connect through the network (see resource articles at the bottom of this page for help).

Once connected:

  1. Create an invoice - the receiving company creates an invoice
  2. Send the invoice - when you send an invoice to a customer you are connected to through the network, it shows up in your customer's inbox as an eBill for them to accept.
  3. Your customer accepts the eBill - the invoice shows up as an eBill in your customer's inbox. When they accept the eBill, they see all of the data and attachments. They can review the bill and add coding if needed. Your invoice status will reflect that the eBill was accepted.
    • Once your customer accepts the invoice, you can communicate by leaving notes on the invoice (see resources at the bottom of this page for help), and review status updates.
  4. Your customer approves and pays the eBill - your customer can route eBills for approval just like any other bill, and then pay. Your invoice status will reflect that the eBill was approved (if approvals are used), and paid.
  5. Close the invoice - your customer's ePayment is automatically applied to the invoice, and the invoice is marked as paid.