Export the Invoices page

Filter and export the invoices page to get the raw data in an editable file to use as you'd like. If you need copies of invoices in .pdf format, you'll need to order the dvd.


Export the Invoices shown on the screen, based on filters applied, by using these steps:

  1. Select Invoices in the navigation menu
  2. Select More actions
  3. Select Export .CSV or Export to Excel

Things to know

  • The exported file will appear in the Downloads section of your browser, titled "export" or "export-X" with X being the number of the export. For example, the first export file will be called "export," the next one will be called "export-2" and so on
  • Depending on the filters and columns you've applied, the download will have the same filtered data
    • The filter list itself isn't exported
  • The export won't include the values for associated documents, notes, checkboxes and/or actions