Sage Intacct sync: 1099 Vendors

As of Oct 24, 2020, by default, newly created 1099 vendors in Key CashFlow℠ sync to Sage Intacct as:

  • form1099type = NEC
  • form1099box = 1

If these default values don't match your accounting needs, create 1099 vendors in Sage Intacct. This will allow the option to select the correct form type and box.

Before Oct 24, 2020, 1099 vendors created in Key CashFlow sync to Sage Intacct as:

  • form1099type = MISC
  • form1099box = 7

In Sage Intacct's Release 4 on Nov 13, 2020, they'll be removing Box 7 for 1099 vendors.

For existing vendors created before Oct 24, 2020, follow Sage Intacct's instructions on how to Migrate 1099-MISC Box 7 values to the 1099-NEC form.

Things to know

  • The 1099 flag will only sync from Key CashFlow to Sage Intacct when you first create a new vendor. If you change the vendor's 1099 setting in the future, you'll need to manually update in Sage Intacct and let this update sync over to Key CashFlow.

  • 1099 information/flags on the Chart of Accounts don't sync between Key CashFlow and Sage Intacct, however the 1099 value at the line item level of a bill will carry over into Sage Intacct if:

    • The vendor the bill is for has been designated as a 1099 vendor
    • The bill for the 1099 vendor is coded to a G/L account that has a 1099 category selected for it in Key CashFlow.