Browser requirements

Use a supported web browser to utilize Key CashFlow. We strongly recommend using the latest version of one of the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari

Using an older version of a supported browser or an unsupported browser may cause Key CashFlow not to work as designed. The ability to continue using our service may be available, but the speed and performance will be impacted.


  • While you are able to use Key CashFlow on Internet Explorer currently, it is not an optimized experience. For a better experience, use Microsoft Edge.
  • Important: As of 10/16/2020, Key CashFlow will no longer work with Internet Explorer. Please upgrade to one of the supported browsers listed above.

Mobile app for Collaborators

For mobile devices, offers native apps for iOS and Android for Collaborators that sign in from the login page. Alternatively, log in to Key CashFlow using the web browser on any mobile device, but we cannot guarantee the quality of performance on all mobile devices or browsers equally.

Untrusted session

If you get an untrusted session error when you are requesting a multi-factor authentication(MFA)/2-step verification code:

  1. Log out of Key CashFlow
  2. Clear your browser's cookies/cache
  3. Use Chrome as your browser if at all possible
  4. Log back into Key CashFlow

If you continue getting the error, please contact Customer Support.