QuickBooks Desktop sync error: There is an error of provided data or QuickBooks is not available now.

Why the sync error occurs

This error can occur on vendors, bills, invoices, and payments due to special characters or missing/incorrect information.

How to fix the sync error

For each type of error, the fix is to edit the data so the entry meets the requirements of that field.


  • Special character in vendor name may be causing the error
  • Accents in the vendor name or incorrect information in address fields, such as a ZIP code entered as "00000"


  • Verify that the period is open in QuickBooks
  • Remove special characters from the bill description
  • Make sure that all dependencies related to the bill (vendor, account, item, etc.) are active and linked between Key CashFlow and QuickBooks
    • Contact Customer Support for assistance if this is the cause of the error


  • The reference number may be missing from offline payments
  • Bill payment may already be recorded in QuickBooks