Sage Intacct sync error: Required field 'Vendor ID' is missing

Why the sync error occurs

This error occurs when "auto-numbering" isn't selected for Vendors in Sage Intacct or if there is no ID entered in Key CashFlow for the Vendor reporting the sync error.

How to fix the sync error

  1. Enter a Vendor/Customer Id by selecting the edit icon on either the Vendor or Customer Details page
  2. Sync

If you don't see a Vendor/Customer Id field:

  1. Log in to Key CashFlow
  2. Select settings
  3. Under Accounting, select Preferences
  4. Select the edit icon
  5. Select Enter Id Manually in the Vendor / Customer Sequence Id field
  6. Select Save
  7. Sync again

Alternatively, auto numbering can be enabled in Sage Intacct, by selecting a Document Sequence, for Vendors/Customers. Enable the functionality in Sage Intacct by following these paths:

For Vendors Accounts Payable > Configure Accounts Payable > in the Document Numbering section add a value in the Vendors field.

For Customers Accounts Receivable > Configure Accounts Receivable > in the Document Numbering section add a value in the Customers field.

For more details on Document Numbering, please Contact Sage Intacct support.