Sync check numbers to the accounting software

If you sync with QuickBooks Online: the check number will sync to the memo field of the payment record within QuickBooks Online.

If you sync with any other accounting software: check numbers for Key CashFlow payments will not sync to your accounting software. However, you will see "Key CashFlow" in the place where a check number could be in the accounting software. This will make it easy to identify which payments were made by Key CashFlow.

Report with Check Numbers

You can get a list of check numbers for your Key CashFlow payments by running a Funds Transfer Detail Report in Key CashFlow:

  1. Select Reports in the left navigation menu
  2. Under Payables Reports, select Funds Transfer Detail for Key CashFlow Payments
  3. On the Funds Transfer Detail page:
    • Enter a date or date range
    • Group the results by date or vendor
    • Select a Report Format.
  4. Select Go

The report shows all the individual payments grouped by day. The Key CashFlow check number is reported in the Disbursement # field.