QuickBooks Online sync: At a glance

The sync with QuickBooks Online eliminates double data entry by automatically sending all your information to Key CashFlow℠ from QuickBooks Online, and sending back payments made/received in Key CashFlow.

Here’s how sync can enable you to seamlessly integrate payments in your workflow:

Payables Flow

Receivables Flow

By default, your account syncs automatically, once a day. You can also trigger a sync manually at any time.

What Syncs?

Accounts signed up before 9/15/17 QuickBooks Online sync flow

Accounts signed up after 9/15/17
QuickBooks Online sync flow 2 way payments

Things to Know

  • AR payments must be recorded in Key CashFlow
  • For accounts signed up before 9/15/17, AP payments only sync in one direction, from Key CashFlow to QuickBooks Online by default. You can enable the option to sync AP payments 2-ways in sync preferences. For accounts created after 09/15/17, AP payments only sync in both directions.
  • Partially and fully paid bills/invoices in QuickBooks Online don't sync to Key CashFlow
  • Key CashFlow doesn’t sync attachments to/from QuickBooks Online
  • Credit Memos don't sync
  • Classes won't sync to QuickBooks Online from Key CashFlow on AR invoices if classes aren't set to per line (instead of one per entire transaction). They'll still sync from QuickBooks Online to Key CashFlow but not the reverse.