Select a process date when scheduling a payment

The process date is the day that we debit funds from your bank account for a bill payment.

The process date of a payment defaults to the earliest available date, typically the next business day, but you can change the process date to a future date if needed.

Select a Process Date when paying a bills

  1. Select Bills in the navigation menu
  2. Select the boxes for each bill you'd like to pay
  3. Enter your preferred date under Process Date for each bill,or select the calendar icon to choose a date from a calendar
    • If you want to schedule all selected bills with the same process date, enter the process date at the top of the bills list in Bulk pay bills on to update the process date for all selected bills at once

Continue scheduling this and other payments, noting the change to the estimated arrival date based on the update to the process date.

Things to know

  • The earliest available process date is the next business day
  • You can't select weekends or bank holidays as process dates
  • Changes to the process date won't save until you schedule the payment using the Review & Pay button
  • You can't edit the process date once you schedule the payment. Cancel the payment and reschedule with the new process date instead.