Prevent debit blocks and failed fundings (R29) with Key Cashflow ACH IDs

Key CashFlow transactions may fail if a bank account has a debit block or debit filter to prevent unauthorized organizations from debiting or withdrawing funds from the account via ACH. This may cause delayed payments to your vendors, including possible voided payments, stop payments, and bank fees, and more.

Provide your bank with all of Key CashFlow's ACH ID numbers to allow Key CashFlow ACH debits to process successfully. Even if your bank requests routing and account numbers instead, the Key CashFlow ACH ID numbers will fix the issue. Be sure to provide all Key CashFlow's ACH IDs to your bank to prevent debit block issues.

Key CashFlow's ACH ID numbers are:

ACH ID #1 - 2204895317
ACH ID #2 - 1204895317

Key CashFlow sends CCD transactions. Non-checking accounts might not receive CCD transactions. Confirm with your bank that these transactions are accepted by your account type.

You don't need to remove the debit block protection from the account completely. You can add Key CashFlow’s ACH IDs while keeping other debit blocks and filters in place.

You must take action if you received a noticed that a payment was stopped! If a payment was stopped, after the bank removes the debit block for all of the Key CashFlow ACH IDs, we can attempt to process the payment(s) again. Please refer to the email notification for instructions to resolve the debit block or reply to the email with any questions about the payment status. If no action is taken to resolve the debit block, your account may be at risk of exceeding the Unauthorized ACH debit threshold, as established by the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA).