QuickBooks Desktop sync error: There was an error when saving a Accounts list, element "Accounting". QuickBooks error message: An account number must be specified.

Why the sync error occurs

This error occurs when a user requires acount numbers in QuickBooks Desktop and an account is created in Key CashFlow without an account number.

How to fix the sync error

To resolve, edit the account in Key CashFlow to include an account number.

  1. Select the account name on the sync status page
  2. Select the edit icon
  3. Add a unique account number
  4. Sync again

If account numbers aren't displayed, enable the setting to Show Account Numbers by following these steps in Key CashFlow:

  1. Select Settings
  2. Select Preferences under Accounting
  3. Set the Show Account Numbers toggle to Yes
  4. Once Show Account Numbers is set to on, follow steps listed above to edit the account number