One-time import of vendors and customers from Quickbooks Online or Xero

If you use Quickbooks Online or Xero, you can complete a one-time import of your vendor and customer contact information from your accounting software into Key CashFlow℠ so they can be used to pay or/and invoice quickly.

If you don’t sync with Quickbooks Online or Xero, you can still integrate using our Import / Export feature.

Import your contacts from Quickbooks Online or Xero

  1. From the Dashboard, contacts tab or schedule a payment tab, select Connect to Quickbooks or Connect to Xero
    Brand Connect to QBO
  2. Log in to your accounting software
  3. Select Connect
    Brand log into QBO
  4. Once the sync is complete, your vendors and customers from your accounting software will be available to create payments or invoices.
    Brand One-time sync complete

You can also access the option to import your contacts in your settings, under the Import/Export section.

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